DFW Connector App Reviews

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Uhm ...

Your app name has ... in it when it's installed and that is pretty silly. Bad on you Jim.


This app is awful. Poorly organized. Completely unhelpful. Real-time inaccurate. Don't bother

Nice way to keep travelers informed; needs fine tuning

I know this app has a finite life expectancy, seeing as the project is likely to finish next year. But as this project nears its final stages, the traffic changes are going to be more frequent and more important. The only complaint I have with the app is that when you go into lane closures and try and view full highway closures or traffic switches etc, scrolling is disabled so you can't finish reading the post. Also, it's apparent these are being sourced from the website, but it's rather annoying that half of the notices have the line "click here to see the detour map," because that doesn't work within this app.

This app is a great tool can't wait for updates

Poop. Am I the first to leave a number 2?

Website is better

Cannot see all closures by date

Great Idea

This is a great idea that they have come up with. Being able to access the traffic and lane closures has helped me navigate through the construction site. Thanks for thinking of the public.

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